Dear Pussy,

Dear Pussy

You were 3 years old when I demanded I wash you on my own

You were 8 when you discovered masturbating alone

You were 11 when you started bleeding in class, coming home and screaming mummy I'm  a woman at last

you were 15 when you first gave access to undeserving youth, legs spread, at home, clit swelled like a balloon feeling so aloof

You were 16 when you were diagnosed with PCOS and told your ovaries looked more like the inside of an Aero bar, feeling left on the shelf questioning your femininity and who you really are

You were 17 when he held you down at knife point with force, shoveling through your flower bed with no remorse

You were also 17 when you met your first and his sex fit like a glove, he made you feel less damaged, seen, safe, wanted, sane and in love

You were 18 when you had one of your first orgasms apologetically and dangerously in pools of lust spasms

You were 19 when your realized you weren't a volunteer but a victim who became a victor who could voluntarily give you to whoever she chose in a safe space of sin

you were 21 when I unlearned how to wash you and wash you gently with kindness and love too

You were 22 when you bought your first sex toy and owned your solo climax, chanting orgasms don't wait for no man, just relax

you were 23 when you squirted and realized you were a water fountain of life, snatching souls for good and not evil nor strife

you were 24 when you realized you liked peaches and bananas and didn't fit into just one box, you liked them both and didn't need fixing with conviction strong as an ox

you were 29 when you first heard about FGM and its effects on your community, deciding you would use your other lips to speak out in  empowerment and unity

you were  30 when they found a tumor and removed a piece of you, but you healed right back discovering you were your own superglue

You were 31 when you finally said no to years of harmful contraceptives, her response was I am trying the natural collectives

you were 32 when daunting dryness came out to play and mistook it for early menopause, you decided it was not a definitive you just needed more time attention for the right applause

you were 32.5 when you plucked your grays after laughing at your mum, just for 4 more to appear admitting graceful defeat in  wisdom  

You were today's years old when you realized self love, beauty, power, strength, joy and life reigns in your loins.

I pray that in the future you have many more years to empower others, share your warmth, be fruitful and multiply all while staying clear from undeserving stimuli and passersby.


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