My Dear Precious Pussy,

I want to start by saying thank you for being apart of me. I appreciate you for allowing me to protect you and . I admire you and your strength to assist with bringing three wonderful children into the world. I honor you for how you look and smell. You are apart of me, one of my  most prize possession. These last 42 years we have been together has been truly amazing. We have experience pleasurable moments and some not so pleasurable moments, but as a team we hung in there. We have always stayed so fresh and clean both inside and out and we will remain that way. We know our worth and we will not settle for less than our best! We have a mutual understanding and a forever unbreakable bond that I value for your safety and my well being. Thank you for allowing me to get to understand you on such a deep personal level. Getting to know your turn on's and turn offs. Thanks for always being a willing participant with the activities we have encountered. Just know I will never bring harm your way. Even when i know you are yearning for attention from something other than me your owner, just know i am protecting us both and if what your yearning for isn't worthy to enter into your world then that is me protecting you from the dangers of this world. Thank you for being a valuable part of my life. I love you.

Much love and admiration,

Your Poo


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